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Since my early youth I have been interested in WWII. I have many different PC-games, read books and watch films. The past two years my interest is changed into the last year of WWII, beginning with the landing on the beaches of Normandy, D-day June 6, 1944. The begin of ending the biggest war ever fought. And the operations after D-day, Market Garden, the Battle of the bulge (the Ardennes Offensive) and operation Varsity. This website is an mark of honour too all the allied soldiers who fought, suffered, got lost and fall in battle, for our freedom. We must NEVER ever forget that.
A website with a personnel touch.


After my visit to the American Cemetery in Margraten, July 2006, my passion increased. I found the grave of my hero, LTC. Robert G. Cole, 101st Airborne Division, 502nd PIR. My hero from the PC-game: Brothers in arms. A Screaming Eagle. This American soldier earned my respect, and out of curiosity I began too inquire information. That was difficult, I did not know where to begin. There are lots of very excellent websites, owned by very helpful people. I have made some good contacts and friends. Next I adopted the grave of Capt. Leonard J. McGee,194th Glider Infantry, 17th Airborne Division. Another search, from beginning to end They both had a Rendez-vous with Destiny.

My parents also adopted each one a grave. Without Robert this web-site would never existed, he was the occasion to make this site real. Read the stories, and if you have questions, e-mail me or place a message in my guestbook. I will be answering as soon as possible.

I want to thank someone very special to me , an inexhaustible source of information, Mrs. Fietje Quaedvlieg.

You learn that courage is not the absence of fear; courage is the ability to move on in spite of your fear.

Wesley Haex.

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